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5 Powerful Tips for Effective Content Curation

[fa icon="calendar"] 28/08/15 15:45 / by Lucio Ribeiro

Curation is an integral part of your content strategy. It’s key for growth and credibility and it’s also an inexpensive way to boost the existing content that you’re producing. If done right, it can enhance your branding and message. Here’s how to do it well.





  1.  Quality

Quality characterises good curation. When it comes to content marketing, quality really is better than quantity, content marketing pro Ann Handley said during the opening general session at ASAE’s 2015 Marketing, Membership, and Communications Conference.

“We’re swimming in content,” Handley said. “There is so much content out there, but I do think we need better content.”

The overwhelming availability of information on the web is why it's extremely valuable to provide your audience with excellently curated material.  You are marketing yourself as a supplier of good information, one that discovers, organises, narrates and shares the most suitable and highest quality content. The higher the quality of your content, the more people will rely on you, support you and recommend you.

Useful + inspiring + empathetic = great content

  1. Define your topics and themes

Is this topic relevant to your product or service? Is it helpful to your readers? Start by considering your target audience and identify what content will appeal to them. The more specific, the better.

Aim to curate content from a variety of professional sources which reflect your tastes in news, media and blogs. Your users want to save time and stay informed so by reading widely and sharing only the very best content, you’ll be bringing them value. Don’t be afraid to include a multitude of content types such as images, infographics, articles, reports, podcasts and videos to keep things interesting.

  1. Be consistent

People expect some kind of regularity, so share regularly and frequently. By doing so, you’ll grow a loyal fan base whilst also garnering greater visibility. Whether you’re aiming for two new articles and three links a week or three links and one new infographic a day, best-in-class marketers use a content marketing mix of 60% created content and 40% curated content. Decipher the optimal times to post on your platforms in order that you always have something fresh and useful available for users.

  1. Use the right tools to streamline the process

There are many tools for collating your favourite content sources which include:

  • Curata
  • Addict-o-matic
  • Claipzine
  • Pinterest
  • Feedly
  • Storify
  • List.ly
  • Tagboard

These tools enable a one-click, easy to curate process, which enable you to queue content straight from your browser. Publish fresh content as and when you want - making it easier to be a valued resource for your users.

  1. Retitle everything you curate

Ally Greer of scoop.it offers a solid, established method for curating content: change the title and/or photo.

“Part of adding value via content curation (taking it a step further than just adding your insight) lies in choosing a relevant image and title that could potentially bring a new perspective to the original piece of content that you’re curating.”

Use the opportunity to add your own voice and any relevant brand keywords. Changing your title will also mean that you’re no longer rivalling the original author in SEO results.


In a world of information overload content curators separate the signal from the noise. By offering an informative, educational and entertaining resource within the topics that you create and curate you will engage your audience and deliver an impressive content experience.


Topics: Content Marketing

Lucio Ribeiro

Written by Lucio Ribeiro

Head of Strategy and Delivery at Online Circle Digital. Lucio have authored articles in digital innovation and strategy, speak in seminars and judged global digital efficiency awards.

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